Bulldog Pottery Workshop

Each semester at ECU we invite at least one visiting artist to do a workshop with the students.  This Fall we were able to get two great artists in one visit!  Bruce Gholson and Samantha Henneke of Bulldog Pottery in Seagrove, NC came down for a two day workshop.  There were some wonderful demos, entertaining discussion about the creative process and how to make it as a full time artist, and throwing challenges made by the students.  Enjoy some photos of works in progress and finished pieces that they brought with them.

Samantha giving some life advise to students while throwing a tall vase.

Samantha giving some life advise to students while throwing a tall vase.

Some of the pieces demonstrated

The big vase with mugs and sideways pitchers

Bruce's work in progress

Bruce’s work in progress

Students looking on

Students looking on

Finished pieces that Bruce and Samantha brought.

Some lovely finished pieces that Bruce and Samantha brought.

Deep surfaces of crystals, layers, slip

Deep surfaces of crystals, layers of glaze, and slip

Some more finished pieces with Bruce's skeletal slip trailing

Some more finished pieces with Bruce’s skeletal slip trailing

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Bulldog Pottery Workshop : 9/15 and 9/16

Bulldog pottery flyer edit2 (1)

Please join us for two days of artist talks and demos! For everyone that can’t make it, we will post photos next week.

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ECU’s Second Wood-Fire and other updates!

It’s been a hectic few weeks here at East Carolina, and I mean that only in the best of ways! We’ve had another wood firing (our second this semester), a thesis show featuring the work of Ceramics Graduate Student Patrick Hutti, and a lot of hardworking students getting work done!

Here are some photos from the past few weeks!

IMG_1828 Here’s the wood kiln as we were stacking it. As you can see, there was a wide variety of work that went in.



IMG_1847 IMG_1848Above are a few more images of Patrick Hutti’s work. The last image is Sculpture instructor Carl Billingsley and Sculptor extraordinaire Jordan Krutsch at Patrick Hutti’s Thesis exhibition in the Grey Gallery.

IMG_1852As we were loading the kiln we had two separate Tornado Warnings. Luckily we didn’t see any tornados, but it did delay our loading.

IMG_1896 IMG_1902MFA Patrick Hutti (left) and BFA Jacob Herrmann (right) above stoking the kiln

Getting hot!


BFAs Chris Cardone and Andrew Freeman in between stokes.


BFA pyramid.


Professor Jim Tisnado manning the front stokes. Thanks for all your help, Jim!



BFA Chris Cardone stoking the side port


BFA Kylie Downie stoking the other side port

IMG_1922Stoking in action! We’ll unload in a week, be sure and check back for updates!

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Hong-Ling Wee Visits East Carolina University

Monday and Tuesday of this week the East Carolina University Ceramics guild, with assistance from the Belk Chair, hosted visiting artist Hong-Ling Wee. Hong-Ling is a native of Singapore who, after earning a Ph.D in Geography, is a full time ceramic artist in New York City. She splits her time between the US and Asia, and has been exhibited worldwide. Much of her work deals with the longing for home. You can find more information about her accolades at her website: http://www.ceramicus.com/artist/biography.html





The workshop was very well attended and the students learned a lot from Hong-Ling. You can see more of Hong-Ling’s work at:


Thanks to Hong-Ling for a great workshop!

On a side note, it bears mentioning that on this day in 1998, the Coen Brothers released the cult classic ‘The Big Lebowski’. Be sure to sip on some Caucasians if you get the chance! The Dude abides.


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Mug Sale & 100 Piece Show

Hi guys! We have a few big events coming up!

First is the 100 Piece show, featuring slipcast ceramics from the BFA Ceramics students. Each student made cast 100 of the same object for presentation in the show! The participants –

Chris Cardone:


Sara Caropreso:


Nancy Ceja Herrera:


Blake Darden:


Kylie Downie:


Cortney McLaughlin:


Great work, guys!

In other news, our annual Mug Sale is coming up in two weeks! If you’re in the area please come stop by and buy a great mug! Free coffee or tea with purchase! 8am-3pm at the Jenkins Fine Arts Center! We accept cash, check or credit!

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New Donation from Dwight Holland




We recently received a new set of pots from Dwight Holland. Very excited to get these catalogued and available for the students!

IMG_0167IMG_0170 IMG_0171 IMG_0172 IMG_0173 IMG_0177(2)

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Mug Sale Coming Up!

Please join us for our annual Mug Sale Wednesday March 6th 9am-3pm in Jenkins Fine Art Building Lobby.  Free coffee, tea, or hot cocoa with every purchase!



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